PAWA has partnered with organizations who share our vision to support and empower community through collaboration and fundraising initiatives.

PAWA has been a vital resource and partner in supporting services that include:

  • Cancer Support

  • Child Abuse

  • Domestic Abuse

  • Youth Programs

PAWA has also raised funds on behalf of institutions and organizations that include:

Union of Palestinian Medical Relief Committee Fundraising
P.A.W.A. participated in a drive raising $10,000 for the purchasing of ambulances for the Union of Palestinian Medical Relief Committee headed by Dr. Mustafa Barghouti:

Raised over $29,000 to be donated to the Union of Palestinian Medical Relief Committee.

Gaza Hospital
Raised $5,000 for the AL-Awda hospital in Gaza.

Ramallah Hospital
Raised $10,000 for the Ramallah hospital in the West Bank.

Palestinian Agricultural Relief
Raised $5,000 for the Palestinian Agricultural Relief Committee.

Educational Fund Raising
Raised funds for Palestinian students in the United States to pursue higher education.

Rachel Corrie Scholarship
Provided $10,000 scholarships to 67 college students at Birzeit University in Palestine.

We welcome suggestions regarding services or collaborations that can strengthen community. To make a suggestion, or if you would like to contribute toward a project seen on this page, you may email us at To make a general donation to PAWA to distribute funds where needed most, visit our donation page.