Through our educational series, PAWA is able to introduce community to academics, artists and other leading experts on a range of topics that include Palestinian history, culture and mental health in Palestine as well as local social issues that affect women and families, including domestic violence and divorce.

Past series have included:

The Ethnic Cleansing of Jaffa: Mr. Ahmad Sakkijha and Dr. Said Shehadeh drew on personal experiences to share the history and present ethnic cleansing of Jaffa.

Fighting Depression in Palestine: Dr. Mohammad Herzallah of the Palestinian Neuroscience Initiative and Neuroscientist at Rutgers University, joined us to discuss the realities of depression and mental health concerns in Palestine.

Film Screenings: As part of our ongoing efforts to bring multiple perspectives on the realities of life in Palestine, filmmakers have joined screening to discuss their work with our community.

Email us at to suggest discussion topics for our educational series, or if you're interested in presenting on an area of your expertise.